Metal Form Powder Coating Inc Metal Form's

Welcome to Metal Form Powder Coating, where making sure your project is handled with care and attention to detail is our number one priority!

Whether you have one piece or a thousand pieces, custom runs or standard production, or if you need light fabrication done in our fully equipped fabrication shop, Metal Form Powder Coating can handle it with ease.

Typically, the process begins with you sending us the part(s) requiring powder coating. We'll provide you with an accurate quote and turnaround time, and we guarantee there will be no surprises! We will complete your project when we said we would and the cost will always be what we quoted you.

In order for the process to work, we will thoroughly clean your part(s) using environmentally friendly Dry Steam Washing to insure all surfaces are ready for the Powder Coating.

You can select from a large palette of colours and our system can match almost any colour. If you need another part coated with the same colour, it will match the first one perfectly.

We specialize in handling low volume orders that require the highest quality.

  • Custom Powder Coating

  • Dry Steam Washing

  • Large Selection of Colours

  • Light Industrial Fabrication

  • Sand Blasting Facility  Comming Soon
  • High Quality Workmanship

  • Fast Turn-Around to Meet Your Deadline

  • Reliable Shipping and Proper Protective Packaging

  • Stand Behind Quotes - No Surprises

  • Versatile - Able to Offer Fabrication On Site